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Music is our passion.

Music is our passion.

The Music course comprises professional music training, and aims to develop a rich musical sensitivity and the ability to flourish as a music professional. With practical and close direction in small classes, we ensure that students leave the course equipped with the skills to succeed in a huge range of positions in the music world. This training is 'practical' not only in that it is thorough enough to allow the skills to be put into practice, but also in including a wide range of teaching methods and including performance, playing with other students.So, for example, each instrument and each class are dealt with separately under the practical headings of duet, accompaniment methods, chamber music, ensemble, and so on. Where necessary, professional musicians participate in lessons as assistants.

For performance experience, we hold a variety of concerts through the year, and choose the performers by audition. The auditions are very popular, and there is fierce competition particularly for the annual autumn concert. We also invite leading musicians from around Japan and the world for concerts or open lessons. In the Music course, we actively promote international exchange and deepen cooperation with leading music colleges and schools in Europe and the United States.